A Message from Lisa

On July 5 St. Andrew’s will begin will begin in-person worship at morning services. We will be adopting a new service schedule that will affect all of our services including Rhythms of Grace.
The return to corporate worship will be more gradual for our service. Rhuythms of Grace will continue to be live on Facebook every Sunday at the new time of 2:30 pm. Because so many members of our community are in the vulnerable population, we think a more gradual return is essential. If you would like to come and be with us in person for our virtual service please email me, and in the meantime please send us your photos from home. It means so much to see your faces and hear your voices in our comments each week.
Until we move to our new time on July 5, join us at www.facebook.com/saecheights on Sunday at 2 pm for live online story, songs and prayer.

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