Our Third Sunday Service, Rhythms of Grace

An Anniversary Reflection

By Lisa Puccio

In February of 2015 St. Andrew’s added a third Sunday service unlike any weekly worship service in the Episcopal church. Rhythms of Grace was originally designed in another diocese to be a monthly offering for families who needed an alternative to traditional worship. After 3 years of offering monthly worship in Houston, Rhythms of Grace moved to St. Andrew’s with a new vision to build a community of families engaged in weekly worship and fellowship. Because of the open hearts and loving support of the people of St. Andrew’s, that vision is flourishing.

We have 14 families who attend regularly or occasionally. We have three wonderful volunteers and three incredible musicians. Rhythms of Grace Houston is a model for other parishes exploring what special needs ministry can be, but more importantly the service is a statement about what ministry in general can be. We welcome, we accept, we listen to, and we love one another. Come and see!

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